Welcome to the foum shop. Here you can buy Anything RC branded items to show your support for the forum.
I welcome any suggestions for other items you would like to see in the shop, so please let me know on the forum as if there is enough support I will do my best to keep expanding this shop as the forum get's bigger.

Here you can buy Anything RC stickers, perfect to put onto your RC's to show your support to the forum. Each sticker is approximately 100mmx50mm and includes the logo 3 times. This means each line is approximately 15mm tall. You will have to cut out each one individually. Stickers are now limited up to 10, if you would like more I can cater for that so please message me about it. Once I have used up the current stock I will get some more printed, maybe with improvements suggested by you. Below is a picture of the graphic with which the stickers were printed from, and one showing what counts as one sticker.

If you are a premium member you will get an extra 2 stickers for every £5 that you dontated to the forum. These will be added after you have ordered some stickers from this page, so please account for this when deciding how many you want. I know this is not the simplest, but it is the best method I can think of the use at the moment.

Number of Stickers

Here you can buy Anything RC Keyrings, put on your keys, RC bags or whatever else you want. At the moment these keyrings are just as pictured below, there is no metal ring included with them. If people would prefer that they were supplied with a metal keyring please let me know on the forum.
For now please only get one or 2 keyrings each. Whilst I have not set a limit for each person, it would be nice to make sure everyone who wants a keyring can get one. Then you can always come back for more in a week or 2.

Keyrings - £1.50 Each